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Hand illustrated thrown earthenware vessels working with themes of landscape & industrial heritage. The work has an illustrative quality influenced by a 'dream sequence' logic combining elements of realistic sketches with skewing perspectives. Each object is a unique diary of its own creation and of my own concerns & experiences while creating it. Using an Earthenware body allows for vibrancy in the colour palette and create objects of contemplation which are simultaneously functional.


This had devloped from my initial study which was driven by becoming increasingly become drawn to its versatility to convey emotion through a breadth of processes within this medium.  Through clay can communicate my interest in my local landscape of rural Nottinghamshire, where the juxtaposition of man made and nature are omnipresent.  Derelict structures scatter the landscape and specifically woodland in rural Nottinghamshire. Contrasting textures and forms observed through this decaying beauty conflict and submerge within spaces where they often would not appear at rest.  Language in a written sense for me binds creativity within rigid conventions whereas clay has been an outlet for a voice of observation allowing me to express thoughts and feelings of a moment, which will be captured and not be lost over time.  Photography in a similar sense has been pivotal to the development of my design skills instantly capturing moments but also highlights constants in observations centring on my attachment to rural life and the appreciation of the ongoing turmoil between survival and decay witnessed in the landscape.  It is the positivity I see in these melancholy scenes which drives my work.  Working with industrial decay and nature’s resilience to the impact humans overpowering urge to consume and control has had on the landscape becomes a narrative of juxtaposition.  Strength gained through proven resilience is a theme which embodies my mindset and life outlook.

Artist's Statement

LauraManners - Potter